About KevenKosh®

The KevenKosh® clothing brand was founded in 2018 by two loving parents Irma & Donatas for their newborn son. This family-owned business bears the name of their child Keven.

Like most parents, we strongly believe the future of our planet depends on our and everyone else's children. And that every child deserves to live in a beautiful, healthy and free world. That's why, inspired by the desire to leave our kids a better world, KevenKosh® represents youth, sustainability, fairness and hope.

To accomplish all this, we make sure our products are made using the newest sustainable technologies that leave a negligible footprint on the environment. We also make great efforts to employ the best fresh talent we can find and pay them really well. This makes everyone happy; our workers who feel motivated to do their best, our clients who get amazing service as a result, and us because we get to live our dream.

KevenKosh® is committed to helping you get the right clothing that fits your unique personality and allows you to express your most authentic self without restrictions.

We hope to leave a lasting legacy built on community love and trust. And become a brand that meets people's fashion needs at all times.

Make sure to go through our awesome collection of fashionable clothing, swimwear, accessories and jewelry. And get something for yourself or a loved one. We promise not to disappoint!